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outsourcing guide

Outsourcing Cheat Sheet



Copying and pasting to create reports and do research sucks . That's why I outsource it to the Philippines.

Have Questions? Call  562-3DIAL-ME

Find an assistant starting at $1/hour. Tested strategies to hire quality people who speak English for as low as $1/ hour using oDesk.

Product Description

Get the exact steps I use to hire and manage a fully outsourced team in this 22 page Outsourcing Cheat Sheet

Learn how to pay as little as $160 a month for a full time virtual assistant

In about 30 minutes start having a team of remote assistants for as low as $160 bucks a month


Cheat sheet includes list of tested and reliable contractors. 

Spy on their computer activity

Have the ability to see their computer screen so you know 100% they are not scamming you for time or money

Access my private list of tested workers

Includes an incredible list of contractors who have already been tested

Stop living in your email

Insights to delegate email and never have to fill out excel sheets again

Defining How to Outsource

“What is a Virtual Assistant?”

The best way to work remote is to hire a virtual assistant. You no longer need to be sitting next to someone in order for things to get done. Whether you are looking to do social media for business and need a social media manager or a personal assistant to keep you organized or a to secretary for scheduling and emails outsourcing is the most cost effective solution to handle the mundane day to day office tasks. Virtual assistance can take care of data entry, contact management, emailing, phone calls, graphic design, web development, programming, travelling, scheduling, reports, internet research, search engine optimization… pretty much everything you need to oversee or run administrative for a physical shop to web marketing for an online internet business.

“What is an Online Business Manager?”

An virtual assistant or outsourced worker performs the tasks whereas an online business manager’s main responsibility is to oversee that tasks are being done well and in a timely manner. They possibly handle higher level responsibilities such as emailing, bookkeeping and and financials. Running an online business can be time consuming so hiring someone for a managerial role can free up a lot of time for a business owner.